About Us

MMPSchool originated in 1977 when Beverly Kovach, working mother of two, could not find care for her two small children.  A family therapist by profession, Beverly quickly recognized the value of supporting parents and teachers at the early childhood level and the contributions young children provide the greater community.  Over the years, the center developed into a leading advocate and model for best practices, bringing the teachings of Dr. Emmi Pikler and Dr. Maria Montessori and Magda Gerber’s practice to the Mount Pleasant community.

MMPSchool continues to be family owned and operated certified early childhood specialists, David and Nicole Vigliotti.  In 2002 the family converted the private Montessori elementary program into a public charter school and began renovations in order to focus on the first, and most important, developmental plane- birth through six years.

It All Starts Here!

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